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Computer Web Whatsapp in Chrome is Not Working

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I recently installed the CCleaner Pro version. My Google Chrome was ok to open web Whatsapp for messaging. However, after I installed CCleaner and clean up my computer, it was not working anymore. Please see the screenshot. My computer Chrome is the latest version. 

By the way, Edge is ok to open Web Whatsapp. 



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Hello team,

Same issue here, but when installing Kamo, once installed, the whatsapp web in Chrome does not work, the following appears instead the regular web.whatsapp.com

Our versión of Chrome is: 87 which is the last one and it is updated.

We have also added the url of whatsapp web inside the whitelist of kamo but nothing. 

When we uninstall Kamo, the whatsapp web works again, we have deleted all cookies but nothing seems to work, we need to use our whatsapp otherwise we will request a full refund.

Please help as soon as possible.

Lorenzo Cáceres




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