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I am running CCleaner Professional on a couple of PC's On one of them when I run custom Clean it tells me that Cookies on Internet Explorer and Edge were skipped, on my other PC's they are cleaned. I cannot find any settings i IE or Edge that are different between my PC's, How do I get CCleaner to clean these Cookies


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Browsers being skipped is a sign that the browser, or some component/extension of the browser is still running, possibly running in the background.

Certain Microsoft apps may also be accessing IE or EDGE even when the browsers themselves are closed, especially if you use a Microsoft account rather than a Local account.

Check in Task Manager to see if anything IE or EDGE related is still running after they have been closed.

Is this New EDGE or Legacy EDGE?
New Edge is Chromium based and may run background tasks when closed, see this for how to stop that:

With both IE (and EDGE) it's possibly the Windows 10 feedback setting.
Go to Windows Settings >privacy >Diagnostics and feedback  and set it to 'Required diagnostic feedback' without the optional data.
You could also turn all the other settings to off, and set it to never ask for feedback.

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It seems unusual that it is skipping both IE and Edge at the same time, what other apps do you have open or minimised when CCleaner is skipping?

PS. I'm assuming that you mean it is showing them skipped like this for Firefox? (I had Firefox open).

If not then can you post a screenshot of what you mean.


Another thought occurs to me.
Do you have CCleaner Pro set to clean more than one user profile, and if so are IE and Edge maybe open in that (those) other profile(s)?
What are the Windows feedback settings for those other user profiles?
The easy way to check that would be to try turning CCleaner to the 'Current user only' and seeing if it still skips them.

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If the account that you were cleaning from, ie. your current user account, didn't have admin privileges then it wouldn't be able to clean the Administrator account, - or any other user account come to that.

When using CCleaner Pro to clean 'All Users' or 'Selected Users'  you need to do it from an account with admin privileges.

Of course the general advice is that for security you shouldn't use an account with admin privileges for everyday use and should only use an admin account when you need to.
If you were to get a virus/malware then it can do more damage from an account with admin rights.
(But it's probably also the security advice that's the most ignored).

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