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I have an owned copy of Microsoft WORD\Office 16.
To clarify, it is not a subscription in the cloud, but an offline purchased copy of the program.
I notice that WORD keeps either the name of every document I open or an actual copy.
Can CCleaner remove this information?
If so, I would need to know where the WORD information is located in order to make an "include" entry, that is, a "custom files to delete and folders to empty".
If Microsoft is hiding this entry where it can't be found, I guess I will then move this topic to the "suggestions" part of the forum. 

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Thank you so much, Hazelnut.

I right clicked a document but did not get a "clear unpinned documents" option.

I did go to the Word Options => Advanced tab > Locate the Display section & set the Show this number of Recent Documents option to zero & clicked OK.

in right-click desktop => personalize  => settings I already had "show recently opened items in jump lists...." turned off.

To me it seems like laziness to have one's computer keep track of everything one does.  If I need to return to a document I generally know where to find it.



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