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help needed for two issues in new version

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1. how do I get rid of ccleaner now minimizing to systray instead of closing completely when I hit the x to exit? this is useless, and nothing in options to disable it.

2. now if I want to clean other explorer mrus, I have to close windows explorer? why?

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With v5.74:

  1. If you don't wan't to see a CCleaner icon in the System Tray then:
    Make sure that you don't have 'Minimise to System Tray' selected in Options>Advanced.
    You also need to turn off 'Smart Cleaning' (completely, untick everything there), and untick Options>Updates>'Keep CCleaner updated automatically'.
    Either one of those options will run a background task and so put an icon in the System Tray.
  2. CCleaner has never been able to clean files that are open. You have to close the files or skip cleaning them.

I suspect that it's the new 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' that is putting an icon in your Tray if you didn't have one before.

I've checked back to CCleaner v5.62 (the earliest I still have, from October 2019) and that Explorer warning message was there back then.
If you were not seeing the message previously then either:

  1. You didn't have 'Other Explorer MRUs' ticked, - or
  2. Explorer was already closed, - or
  3. You had at some stage ticked the 'Do not show me this message again' box and so if Explorer was open then 'Other Explorer MRUs' were being skipped without showing you the messge.
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thanks for responding, nukead!

I have been updating ccleaner regularly and never had a warning about closing explorer, which wreaks all kinds of havoc for me if I let a program close it or need to close it myself, just had the same issue with alldup wanting to close it when updating and I let it against my better judgment and then had to reboot just to restore explorer properly.

I have always had other mrus checked and just never saw that before and can't imagine why any program would ask to close explorer knowing the mess it would make; I assume it was being skipped as you said. Anyway I have unticked it now, and nothing in the program is ticked for smart cleaning, so I had to find a new entry in startup programs enabled in registry so I deleted that. That is a new and unwanted intrusion, because there is no way in options to disable it, and I have always had ccleaner set to check for updates, which it only ever did when I ran the program. Disabling the registry entry for smart cleaning got rid of the icon, but that's very sneaky and verging on what avira is doing now. AIO programs don't work, nobody needs them, ccleaner was fine the way it was and the more it tries to do the worse things can get.

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I think you may have misread/misunderstood my post.

It's not just Smart Cleaning that can now put a CCleaner icon in the System Tray.
Automatic updating can now also put an icon in the System Tray.

The 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' option has been changed in CCleaner v5.74, it now runs as a background task which it didn't do before.
(And Free users didn't have Automatic Updates before).
It's that new background task which can also put an icon in the system tray.

The startup task that it creates if selected can be easily turned off, there is nothing sneaky about it.
Simply turning  off 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' disables the startup task without you needing to do anything else.
(There was/is no need to go to into Task Scheduler, and certainly not to edit the registry yourself).


On the other question of Explorer MRUs;
Having the 'Do not show this warning again' ticked will simply skip MRUs if Explorer is open and won't show you that message.
In that case the MRUs will only ever be cleaned if Explorer is already closed before you run CCleaner.
But if you never want them to be cleaned anyway then why do you have them ticked to be cleaned?

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