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Failed to save settings due to permissions error

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I not sure just what happened with the fix for that one.
I'm still seeing it here too if I try to change the 'save to ini' setting.

I'll give those who were dealing with it a ping, but it may now be Monday before they answer.

@MeganCCleaner and @Andrei CCleaner any news on this?

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So ... first time I tic Save to Ini file, I get the permissions error.  Ignore that, and do a cleanup.  Thereafter go to settings and now the option is tic'd.  It seems to be only the first time I try to tic that option.  Hope this makes sense.

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What Wacojohn describes is, currently, the behavior we're observing.

The development team's looking into this to try to see what's going on, but what we've found is that the warning isn't actually doing anything. Setting the setting (or disabling it), closing CCleaner, then reopening it and going back to check on the setting will show that its state has been changed.

As such, I wouldn't worry about it too much for the moment; simply set it the way you want (on or off), and it'll work that way, just as expected. 

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