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cannot update CCleaner free version v5.73 to free version v5.74 in Win 10

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When CCleaner opened it says there is an update. I decline "pay for" versions and on next page select free version (v5.74). This then downloads, unpacks and then I click install. I am an administrator.

I have tried this both from within Edge and straight from the downloads folder. I get the same result in each case, the installation proceeds but a dialog box flashes up momentarily, the installation then just sits doing nothing with the message "skipped CCleaner.exe" above the install progress bar. To get rid of this and retry, I enter task manager and "end task". I noticed that the task I am ending has (32 bit) after it even though I have 64 bit win10.

I have updated many times in the past without problems but I do not know how to proceed. v5.73 works fine, I would rather have v5.74 but not unless it is easy to install.

Any suggestions?

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  • Admin

Usual diagnostic questions:

  • Which version of Windows 10 are you running (1809,2004,etc)?
  • Do you have any antivirus or firewall software running?
  • Does the ccsetup574.exe installer work properly for you if you right-click on it from your downloads folder and select "Run as Administrator"?
  • When you right-click on ccsetup574.exe and select Properties > Compatibility is the Compatibility mode unchecked? (should be off)
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Hi Dave,

Win 10 is 2004

Yes McAfee (but in many previous updates it was also running without issues)

ccsetup574.exe does not work when I use run as administrator

the compatibility box is unchecked

I am concerned that to end the "hang up" when I end the task the task I am ending is CCleaner installer (32 bit) when my system is 64 bit

When installer runs and then hangs the message is "skipped CCleaner.exe"

I can try closing McAfee but I can't see why this should be necessary

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Just to add to my last post, I tried with McAfee closed but this made no difference. I still got hang up during install, still got "skipped CCleaner.exe" and to end task, the task ended was still  "CCleaner Installer (32 bit)"

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  • Moderators

Both 32 bit and 64 bit executables should be installed.

If the install has got that far then can you look in you CCleaner folder and see if both CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe have the same 'Date modified'.

I'm asking because we had a user last week whose CCleaner.exe had updated to 5.74, but his CCleaner64.exe was still showing the install date for 5.73.
When he reboted the next day and looked again they were both showing the same date, correct for v5.74.

Not sure why that was but it appeared that his machine needed a reboot/restart of Windows which finished installing the CCleaner64.exe.

If your two files are showing different dates then it may be worth a try.

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Many thanks to nukecad, I had downloaded CCsetup for 5.74 and it was in my downloads but wouldn't complete as I previously described. As nukecad advised I did a restart and then launched the CCsetup again from the download file and it worked. I checked the  date modified and the 64 exe file was indeed the same as the 32 one (10/11/20).

I would suggest that the update page is not well set out and it shouldn't be necessary to go digging about in forums just to get an update to work BUT it is free and has always done a good job for me.

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  • Moderators

Good to hear that a Windows restart also  worked for you.

It's not something that is normally needed to install or update CCleaner.

I'm only guessing here but it may be related to 5.74 being pushed out as an 'Important Update', or it may be related to something in the latest 20H2 Patch Tuesday update on certain makes of machines or machines with certain chips.

@Dave CCleaner You may want to have the devs take a look at this, and advise users having install/update problems to try a Windows restart.

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