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v5.74.8198 Entry Observation


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Just mentioning this -- don't think it's a problem .....

Yesterday, when the patch was automatically installed bringing CCleaner to v5.74.8198, an entry was generated at the same time in Windows 10 Reliability History stating CCleaner has stopped working.  I'm confident this was normal -- CCleaner couldn't be running while the patch was being applied.  If this is not normal, I'd appreciate finding out.  In any event, everything is working properly.

I'm only bringing this up because there are a lot of people who get concerned if they see a "red x circle" in Reliability History.

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I've noticed this as well, and it happens every day. I think it is a bug introduced with the latest update and is connected with the program's daily check that the licence key is valid. In the .ini file there is a line that changes every day titled UpdateKey and gives the date and time of (I assume) the last check and the time stamp of the "stopped working" entry in Reliability History and Event Viewer is always around 100s after this.

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In the process of some time consuming testing, I'm now convinced the "CCleaner stopped working" entry is certainly not normal and some additional issues have been noticed.  The "stopped working" issue occurs on an HP Envy desktop running Windows 20H2 version 19042.630 which was updated from version 2004.  It also happens on the same computer if I clean install Windows 10 directly from Microsoft using the Media Creation Tool which gets rid of all the bloatware that came with the PC.  Also noted, regardless of Windows 10 version installed, CCleaner will run through "analyze" very quickly, but will occasionally slow down and snag while cleaning.  When that happens, an "svchost" error is generated.  I've temporarily removed CCleaner from my PC while I continue to play detective.  

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