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Deja Vu?


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Wow. Reading the release notes ー not impressed, reminds me of how a couple of years ago Pirform did the unthinkable and made SYSTEM MONITORING permanent and couldn't be disabled. Now, we have the current issues where updates are applied automatically on the free version. The version info contains clickbait phrases like "This version comes jam-packed full of exciting improvements for all our users!"

Then it's implied you can review and update your preferences. And they go on to say OPTIONS have been simplified. Granted, the OPTIONS was always a PIA, but after that incident from two years ago coupled with how they're forcing themselves onto the users to do "automatic" this or that plus the bugs posted so far causes me to remain highly skeptical.  The response provided doesn't give me any confidence either. 

My v5.73.8130 (26 Oct 2020) will be my last version I'll update in a while. Besides, if it ain't broken, I'm not going to update.  I shall monitor the forums and comments here, but I'm not going to hold my breath for a positive outcome. 

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