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You are a Moderator and don't know the program functions ?

CCleaner Pro 5.3.0 [Android] has an optimization feature (Settings > Photos) to automatically compress and/move/delete/keep files to Google Drive. It uses a service account to accomplish this task.



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1 hour ago, xClean said:

You are a Moderator and don't know the program functions ?

@xCleanI also can't see what your post has to do with CCleaner -  but I do recognise it as an attempt to help others. So please read the rest of this.

I think that you misunderstand who a forum moderator is, and what moderating a forum entails.

Forum moderators are users who have shown themselves to be knowledgeable and trustworthy, but there is more to it than that.
You also have to know about spammers and their tactics; how to spot/ban them so that they don't annoy everyone else -  it's pre-requiste for being invited to be a moderator.

You cannot ask to be a moderator, you are invited - usually by existing knowledgeble and trustworthy moderators who have seen what you post and recognise your integrity.

To go futher; this is a company forum and although we are not employees the moderators here are users who have a good knowledge and skills.
I believe that we are valued for that by the company and they listen to us, even when we critisize and yell at them if something goes wrong.
When we do yell they listen.

So to get back to your comment:

We don't know the ins and outs of every Piriform product. Some of us  know a lot about some about some products and less about others.
But we will try to help where we can, and if nobody else is piping up then we may make a suggestion.

One thing we have in common - We all give up our time (for free) to help others where we can, and make suggestions where we are not sure but think it may help.

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