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CCleaner keeps trying to install software I don't own

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After I run Checkup, CCleaner keeps trying to install the newest PaintShop Pro version even though I told it not to install updates AT ALL. 

If this can't be resolved, I will have to quit using your software because I don't want to keep dealing with telling the software not to install that program. 

I do have an older version of the software but I DO NOT want to update it to the newest version, since I don't want to buy the newer version of PaintShop Pro..




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The screens that you show are for updates to CCleaner itself, not other applications.

I assume that you are using Health Check, which automatically checks for updates to certain applications.

There are two ways to stop CCleaner updating other software.

1- Use Custom Clean instead of Health Check, Custom Clean does not automatically check for updates to other software.
     (There is a seperate 'Software Updater' in the tools section).
    You can set Custom Clean to be the default cleaning method in Options>Settings>CCleaner Home Screen.

2- If you still want to use Health Check then:
    After Health Check had done it's analysis then if it's found apps to update it will say so in the 'Security' button at the bottom,
    If it has found some to update then click on that button and in the screen that comes up untick the app(s) that you don't want to be updated.
   (Sorry can't show it fully as I don't have any to update).image.png
    Then click 'Back To Overview' and continue with 'Make it Better'.

NOTE - You will have to do that every time that you run Health Check, it doesn't remember what you unticked last time.
(Which is another reason to use Custom Clean as default, that does remember your settings).


*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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