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Historical Temperature Scale


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My favourite thing about Speccy temperature sensing is the historical graph, this is a really powerful tool to analyse system temps over time. And not all comparable tools have it. However, it doesn't have a scale. I don't know why, it can't be that hard to add something. At the moment I have to count the lines up/down from the current temp to work out what it was. Sure the current temp is shown, but it could be so much better if I could tell what the temperature had been more easily. I also tend to take screen shots for comparison, and it would be useful to have a scale for that as well. Just label the start of the lines on the left of the history chart or something, and just do the 10's would be fine.

Here's the kind of thing I'm recording...


Here's a BAD example of how it might be improved, highlight the tens lines and add a scale, that's all..





PS: See below for examples of current and a mock up how it could be clearer, though I'm sure you'd make it look better.

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Upload examples... an image speaks a thousand words apparently. When correctly edited...
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