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Invalidly Deactivated Licence Key

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Hey all,

I've been using this software for many years, it’s always been great and did what I wanted, a few months ago I built a new pc for gaming and to be a server also. Everything was fine I installed my software that I use including CCleaner then tried to activate it. It gave me an error about the details being incorrect, I thought this was strange so decided to try again later, same thing, I tried the recover your licence code and tried again same thing..

From there I have contacted CCleaner support on the 3/8/20, they replied and informed me it was expired which had been the case for 5+ years already but that had never stoped me from activating previously. I simply requested that my key be reinstated as when I bought the software in 2014 it wasn’t sold on a subscription basis but a version basis. 

He then informed me that my licence hadn’t simply expired but been deactivated as I had apparently used the key too many times, ‘I’m an avid PC enthusiast and have had many PCs over these 6 years this is also not counting the numerous fresh reinstalls on each machine when something goes wrong or I get bored and install Linux then switch back to windows’.

I yet again asked to have my key reactivated and explained the above that I have had lots of PCs ‘never activated at the same time mind u’. 
from there I didn’t receive a reply for 3 days so checked back in and received a reply straight away saying that he was “still yet to get around to giving the licence system a poking”

from here I didn’t receive a reply for nearly 3 weeks so I decided to check back in with David... no reply I date 

I waited a few days and decided to lodge another ticket as David might be on holidays or not with the company anymore... no reply to this ticket to date.

it’s been over 2 months since I’ve raised this issue with no resolution and now they’re not even replying to me...

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