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CCleaner Free Space & MFT Deletion With Recuva Recovery


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I routinely run CCleaner free space deletion with 7-passes including MFT deletion during the night. The next morning I run a Recuva "Deep Scan" Recovery which can result in as many as

375,000 items/files recovered including  literally thousands that are fully recoverable. I'm fairly computer literate, but this doesn't make any sense to me. Any suggestions or

recommendations would certainly be appreciated.

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You could save time, effort and a little bit of the planet by running one pass only.

Are you using Drive Wiper or WFS in Options/Settings?

You can't delete the MFT, CC will overwrite the deleted records with a file name of ZZZ.ZZZ or similar.

Recuva scan will find all the deleted files in the MFT, including the ZZZ.ZZZ's. These files will be flagged as excellent and can be recovered, but they will contiain zeroes.


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