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How to recover ccleaner settings from a dead system backup

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My laptop died and has been replaced. I have installed ccleaner pro on the new laptop. Now, I am trying to find a way to bring over my ccleaner settings from a system backup of the old laptop. I would like to get my cookie exclusions at the very least. Any ideas? I never created a .ini file on the old system. I have not found anything in the user profile or program folder. Any help would be appreciated even if it is just a "you're outta luck." Thanks!

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43 minutes ago, MWETulsa said:

I never created a .ini file on the old system

then you're pretty out of luck, unless you have a program that can read the registry of the dead computer.  Sorry

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Posted (edited)

Just found my answer. 

  • Get settings from WIndows registry hive on a backup
    • Started regedit.exe
    • Highlight HKEY_USERS
    • File>Load hive
      • Navigate to (backup)\users\{relevant user}
      • Open ntuser.dat as SomeTempHiveName
      • Navigate to SomeTempHiveName\Software\Piriform\CCleaner\CookiesToSave
      • Copy and paste value somewhere
    • Highlight SomeTempHiveName
    • File>Unload hive
  • Migrate settings
    • Start CCleaner
    • Options>Advanced
      • Enable Save settings to an .ini file
    • Exit CCleaner
    • Edit C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ccleaner.ini
      • Modify CookiesToSave as appropriate using info save from registry above
      • Save changes
    • Restart CCleaner


SOP WARNING!!! Never mess with your registry unless you are confident about what you are doing!!! It is entirely possible to render a system unusable.
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Helping on here I'm often uninstalling/reinstalling CCleaner, as well as sometimes doing odd thing with the settings to try and replicate what is being reported.

So as well as having backups of my .ini file I have screenshots of my CCleaner settings backed up, so that I can reset them manually if needed.
(Just an idea).

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