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Registry cleaner by startup

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I think the registry is not cleaned by startup, in fact I see nothing happening during startup and I have all set it.

I bought CCleaner because of Norton is stopping with Norton Utilities 16 and so the registry is not cleaned anymore (normally I have about 60 entries every day to clean).

Is registry cleaner in CCleaner only possibly manually ?

And why find it much lesser entries to clean than NU16 ?


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an automatic registry cleaner would scare me.  You never know what'll break.  Better to use manual (yes that's the only way ccleaner can do registry) and follow the suggestions in my signature below this post

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Posted (edited)

Here's Microsoft's policy on registry cleaning Windows:

Short answer don't use registry cleaners, and especially don't clean the Windows 10 registry because Windows 10 is being actively updated regularly and changing.

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