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CCleaner not deleting all cookies

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I frequently run CCLeaner to get rid of my junk and when I ran it today I happened to check my cookies after cleaning and there were still cookies present and this has never happened before.  I ran the cleaner again and they were still there.  I selected them all and clicked delete and they disappeared but when I clicked on another menu item and then rre-selected cookies again they returned with me not even opening my browser.  I then went to BRAVE and deleted all of my cookies and ran CCleaner again they were still there.  All of these cookies end with safeframe.googlesyndication.com.  Can anyone explain what these are and why CCleaner is not removing them?  I've attached a snapshot of the cookies that are not being deleted.

unwanted cookies.jpg

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It is normal normal that some things come back again straight after cleaning.

Browser syncing is one thing that will do it - even if your browser is not open/active it may be 'pre-loading' synced information and cookies.

All those cookies seem to be from google. Are you using a Chromium based browser (that is synced)?

You could check if that is what is happening by disconnecting from the internet (pull the ethernet plug out of the computet and turn off wifi), run CCleaner, wait a minute and run it again.


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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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I had the exact problem but eventually found the solution.  The reappearing cookies are not due to a flaw in CCleaner.  The cookies originate from folders installed on your PC, most likely malware.  Look in your Windows user folder.  Delete odd looking folders.  That solved my problem.  My malware folders were located in: C\Users\(my user name).

This problem was very frustrating.  Google searches of forums provided no solution.  Scans by antivirus software did not find malware.  Web browser cookies containing "safeframe.googlesyndication" kept reappearing as soon as I deleted them.  This happened even when I did not reopen a browser.  I considered reinstalling Windows 10 as a solution.  In preparation I checked my Windows user folder for files that I wanted to back up.  Inside my Windows user folder I found a couple unexpected folders that I did not previously create.  I assume the folders were malware installed by some free software I downloaded.  I am not sure how how the odd folders installed on my PC.  I did not record the name of the folders in order to write this post.  But I think the folders had names implying reputable brands such as Oracle.  Anyway they were not personal folders.  I deleted both folders, including all contents.  Then my "safeframe.googlesyndication" cookies problem disappeared.  The problem has not reoccurred in the past week.  Now when I delete cookies they remain deleted.

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Not malware. It's a JavaScript file for an ad being delivered through Google's advertising system.

See here


CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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