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Firewire drive not recognizing

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I have an old "LaCie 500GB Firewire400 / Firewire800 3.5" External Hard Drive 300871" and I'm currently on Windows 10. I followed instructions on https://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/Firewire-1.htm and other sources to install legacy "IEEE 1394 host controllers", which i believe were installed successfully. When I boot up my external drive, I hear drive spinning (trying to do something) and I also see a blue/power button blinking processing something and after about 20 seconds it stops and blue light stops blinking and just stays as blue (meaning device is on). I went to Disk Management and do not see a drive there. What else can I try?


Thanks in advance.

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For that "IEEE 1394 host controllers" driver you can open Device Manager and see if the drivers did actually install for it.

The only thing I'd question is if Windows 10 is actually compatible with it, or not.

Here's a search, some links are to people having issues with devices not showing up:

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If you have access to another computer that isn't a Windows 10 computer give it a try on that - that would be one way to determine if the Firewire drive still works and isn't just some Windows 10 compatibility issue.

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