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It is obvious that this is a half hearted attempt.

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It is quite obvious to me that this CCleaner browser is a half hearted attempt  by the developers to have a Chromium browser just like the big boys have. Posts in this group are not being responded to at all in a timely fashion and they are quite frankly not being responded to or acted upon at all. The favicon issue is one example. We need favicons for websites to be shown. Are they yet ? I do not plan on installing this browser again until there is confirmation that they are now showing. 

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I don't use it, (I mostly use Firefox with MBG for extra security).

And I think that may be the problem here. And I think that it's valid criticism.

This is a user help forum above all else, so that users can help each other. With some input from Piroform staff when needed.

If the usually knowledgable CCleaner users are not using the browser then they (we?) can't help with it.

I have flagged this thread up to the staff.

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It's always nice to get some sort of reply from those involved, even if it's "No, that's not possible." or "We'll take that into consideration." otherwise it feels like we're being told to "F--k Off, no one cares about your issues".


Any group that actually cares about their product will respond in a timely manner

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