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 I'm using the Windows version of the browser. My issues have to do with voice recognition. I'm referring to the extensions that you can add seem to add just fine but they don't actually work. When I tried to Google voice search it goes to that but as soon as I click the microphone it tells me I'm no longer connected to the Internet.  I'm also not able to use the other boys typing extensionOn the browser. Oddly enough, as I was dictating this, the programs I mentioned would automatically start up.


I have similar problems using the same extensions on Opera.


Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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As your question is different from the thread that you posted on (which wasn't about the browser anyway and was in the wrong section)  I've split it out to it's own thread with a new title.

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Thanks for reporting this, I've been able to reproduce the issue with Google Voice Search and have reported it to our development team.

I'm not able to find the 'other boys typing extension', would you mind providing a link to that? 

Please also feel free to let me know what other extensions you're having trouble with, I'll be happy to pass that information on, too!

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