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CCleaner does not work on new Android 10 Tablet

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Why doesn't Ccleaner work in my new tablet. How can I fix that?

I just got a new tablet. I downloaded CCleaner Version v1.11.42, from Amazon Appstore to it, but I cant get it to work. When I click "Analyze", I get a message that says "Ccleaner keeps Stopping", and 2 options to click: App Info, and Close app.  (Photo of this attached). The same thing happens when I click App Manager, and Custom Analyses, and Customs Files and Folders in Settings. Only thing that comes OK is System Info. I have the same version Cleaner in an older Samsung tablet, and it works fine.

I tried to download  a newer version; Android Cleaner, Version 1.0.3 from Appstore, but I am told that this Cleaner cannot be installed in my device. Picture of message attached.

I tried CCleaner from Google Play Store, but hey asked for so many permisions, and didn't leave me any choices in deciding anything in the software. I didn't feel comfortable with this. I removed it, as soon as I finished installing it. Yes, it was free, but I like to have some say on what I put in my devices.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy SM T720

Android 10

I would appreciate any help with this,






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The first thing to note is that the genuine CCleaner for Android  v1.11.42 was from 2015 and so is well out of date.
I doubt that it will work on Android 10. Your Samsung probably has an older Android.
You need to get the latest CCleaner for Android version from the Google Play Store.
And yes, the genuine CCleaner does need all those permissions to be able to clean Android properly.


More importantly though - What you then downloaded is a known fake. We've seen it before.

The name of the official product is CCleaner. Only two 'Cs' not three.

'CC Cleaner' (as shown in your screenshot) is the name of a fake disguised to look like the real CCleaner name and trip up the unwary.
Avoid 'CC Cleaner' (with 3 'Cs'), the company responsible is know for copying legitimate product names to sell inferior software, and then scam you as well.
They copy other names as well as CCleaner, see this article:

You need to be careful to avoid scams like that, it's recommended to only download Android software/apps from the Google Play Store.
(Unfortunate to say but fakes are quite common on Amazon, and don't even think about buying software off eBay).

You are probably lucky that the fake was unable to install, who knows what scamware it would have put on your tablet?

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Wow!, Nuke, I don't consider myself a digital geek, but can say that I know my way around a computer. Nevertheless, I did not notice the CC Cleaner in the app I was trying to install, even after I have been working on it for days. Go figure! And you are right, the CCleaner in my other tablet  is indeed from 2015, and I missed that too.

I appreciate your response very much.

Thank you

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Don't beat yourself up about it, it's deliberately done like that in the hope that people will miss the slightly different name.
It's a tactic used by many less reputable companies (and outright scammers).
And obviously it's worth their time and effort, so they probably fool enough people to make money.

If I recall correctly the screens in that one are also designed to mimic the genuine CCleaner.

I've not seen that particular one for a while and thought that Piriform/Avast had managed to get it taken down, but if it was making the scammers money then they'll just try again.

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