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Purchasing CCleaner for Android from Google Play - multiple devices

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Hello Community,

I have two Android devices with CCleaner for Android (basic version) that I wish to upgrade to the Pro version.  I successfully made the change on one of the two devices, but when I tried to do it for the other device, Google Play responded with "Processing purchase - error - you have already subscribed to this item", and would not let me update the second device.

I need to know how to get around this, such that I can update the second device and have it on both of them.  I have no problem with the fee that is being charged - I just want to have both devices covered by CCleaner for Android Pro.  If not, is there an easy way to undo the first license and subscribe to the second one (more important device)?  Any suggestions for any of this?  Thanks!

- rockn24x7

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