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missing 1 permission

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i purchased Ccleaner for my Samsung S10e. it is saying  "give us access"  "we're missing 1 permission. so we can't clean some things", when click on the arrow,  it takes me to the Accessibility screen that has things like Screen reader, Visibility enhancements, hearing enhancements  etc. I have no idea what to do now

Please help

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I have the same problem on Samsung S20 Plus.

Can somebody from CCleaner help us or we will have to do like other Galaxy phone owners, and use another (competitor's) app?

Thanks in advance for your help! The "Give us access" link brings us to the accessibility settings page, where nothing is mentioned as required:



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  • Admin

Samsung hides this setting behind the "Installed services" option on this menu - if you tap that, you should then see the CCleaner item.

(Standard Android OS practice is to reveal this on the main Accessibility page, in a section labeled "Downloaded Apps", which is clearer; the Samsung method is, perhaps, tidier, but nonstandard.)

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