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Problem with livemarks addon -firefox

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Im not sure if this just started with firefox version 80 onwards but i use an addon called livemarks which adds live bookmarks to firefox such as news feeds etc

I am using ccleaner version (and have done for a long time without issue) but now when i run it,it wipes out my live bookmarks that i have on firefox

I dont recall it happening on older firefox versions so im guessing something changed

I dont want to try a newer ccleaner version as i am happy with this version (apart from this issue of course),plus i dont know if it would make any difference or not

Any ideas? Thanks

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Thank you,although i dont use firefox with an account,i am experiencing what is described in that link where one of the addons is being wiped out

I didnt really want to change versions of ccleaner but by the sounds of it that is what i will need to do


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It was Firefox 79 that changed two locations where Firefox extensions store data, and that necessitated the change in CCleaner v5.70.

CCleaner versions below v5.70 will wipe those new data locations.

If you realy want/need to stick with an old CCleaner version then you can try making the new Firefox locations exceptions in Custom Clean.
See here for how to do that:


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