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Can I upgrade my i3 processor to an i5 or i7

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In reply to your concern with upgrading your cpu, I think that since you have an i3 model, upgrading to a i5/i7 shouldn't be a problem, as long as you have the same socket number of cpu.

If you post a question to your motherboard manufacturer regarding this issue, they would confirm this is possible or not.

You may need to upgrade your heatsink/fan unit for dealing with the extra power of the upgrade. 

My i5 is a 4th generation model although Speccy lists it as 6th generation, so check your cpu's details from the  model number with Intel.

Lastly, do  you really need an upgrade, remember that the cpu's are manufactured the same way with relation to their generation and so each of the i3, i5, i7 etc are chosen by the testing processes after manufacture.

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dont look at the motherboard section!

look at the cpu section -> for example: socket 1023 fcbga


like raymondo70 says take a look to the mainboard-manufacturer and read the manual - perhaps there is an list with possible cpus for an upgrade

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Intel Desktop Processor Upgade Information

If you would like to upgrade your processor to a new generation Intel® Core™, compare Celeron® or Pentium® processors, or compare different processor families, you can watch the video Finding Information on Intel Processors or review the steps in How to Compare Intel® Processors Using Product Specifications Page (ARK).

Contact your system or motherboard manufacturer before upgrading your desktop processor. Your manufacturer is familiar with your system specifications and the different upgrade options available, and they can tell you which processors your system or motherboard supports.

Even if your processor and motherboard socket match, it's critical to make sure that your motherboard BIOS supports your new processor. Older motherboards frequently don't have BIOS support for newer processors. Lack of BIOS support for your processor can cause the system to not boot or display erratic behavior.

Another upgrade consideration is that faster processors, and processors with more cores, can also affect the temperature of your system. You need to make sure your chassis and thermal solution work with your upgrade from a thermal perspective.

One way to verify processor compatibility is to use the Intel® Desktop Compatibility Tool and search by processors or motherboards.

For more information on your Intel® Processor or Intel® Desktop Board, select one of the links below:

Intel® Desktop Processor Resources
Compare Intel Desktop Processors Use comparison chart to compare desktop processors and features.
Intel Desktop Processor support resources This document has useful links to installation videos, integration documents, and warranty information.
Find compatible motherboards for Intel® Desktop Processors Use this tool to enter your Intel desktop processor to find compatible motherboards.
Intel® Processor Identification Utility The utility identifies your processor and if it's working at the correct frequency.
Intel Product Information This resource shows detailed specifications for all Intel products.
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the same class, processor heat, bios support, power supply...

for example:

(mobile 5th generation)

i3-5020U - 2 cores - 2,2 GHz basespeed, 3MB Cache with 15 Watt TDP down to 10 Watt

i5-5300U - 2 cores - 2,3 GHz basespeed, 3MB Cache with 15 Watt TDP down to 7,5 Watt


(mobile 8th generation)

i3-8130U - 2 cores - 2,2 GHz basespeed, 4MB Cache with 15 Watt TDP down to 10 Watt

i5-8279U - 4 cores - 2,4 GHz basespeed, 6MB Cache with 28 Watt TDP

i5-8269U - 4 cores - 2,6 GHz basespeed, 6MB Cache with 28 Watt TDP down to 20 Watt

or i7-8550U - 4 cores - 1,8 GHz basespeed, 8MB Cache with 25 Watt TDP down to 10 Watt


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