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First question, are you running Health Check?
Those tick/unticks only apply to Custom Clean, Health Check ignores them and uses it's own cleaning rules.

If you are not running Health Check then are you meaning the recent list when you right click an icon on the taskbar (Taskbar jumplist)?

If so then check this to make sure that they haven't been turned off in Windows itself:

Also check that you aren't cleaning 'Recent Files' in the app itself.

Or are you meaning the 'hover over' small windows, or lists, that you see when hovering over an open apps Icon on the Taskbar (Taskbar Previews)?

I believe that you mean the first, which is what CCleaner will/should clear,.
(But I can't test if CCleaner is cleaning them or not here because I always have them turned off in Windows anyway, so would need to turn them on again then open/close things to fill the lists up again).

It it happening for you to all recent file lists on the taskbar icons, or only for certain apps?

Last questions are you possibly running the Registry Cleaner?

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