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Question:  Do I need to use the Benchmark option button on my screen when defragging my hard drive?  What exactly does benchmark do (please answer in words a 6th grader could understand)?

I looked up benchmark on the CCleaner wegsite, and WOW, sure is a lot of words.  I was more confused after trying to read that then I was before I searched.

Please help......  Thank you.

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Ignore it. I always have.

It's a tool for for techies and repairpersons, which is why there is 'a lot of words'  on the website.

Basically it makes a snapshot (benchmark) of the state of the drive that you can then compare with later snapshots to see if anything is deteriorating over time.

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defraggler -> settings -> options -> advanced

you can also


disable benchmark after defrag


without bad conscience :-)

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