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New version detected as malware by 2 vendors [fixed]

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The most recent release v5.69.7865 has been detected by Windows Defender and Hybrid Analysis as PUP in Windows 10 and as totally malicious by Hybrid Analysis. I've had the free version installed for a few days now and Defender just picked it up. I removed it and redownloaded the setup file, scanned that with Hybrid Analysis and the screenshots show all. False positive? I don't run it in the back round, however if it is doing things on it's own that's a problem.

hybrid analysis ccleaner v5.69 7_30_2020.png

malware ccleaner v5.69 page 2 7_30_2020.png

malware ccleaner v5.69 page 3 7_30_2020.png

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@MackBolan, looking at what hybrid-analysis reports, most of these items are things you would expect CCleaner to do:

* Interacts with the primary disk partition (DR0)

* Queries firmware table information

* Queries kernel debugger information
* Reads the active computer name
* Reads the cryptographic machine GUID
* Marks file for deletion

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Not surprised, the program litterly use 100% of the CPU when open.. wouldn't thouch this program with a stick anymore or trust.

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