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Installs, but only runs immediately after install.

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The last two versions (maybe three), will Install AND run correctly immediately after I install it.   After shutdown, then reboot (usually next day) Clicking the ICON or even going to the command line and RUNning it from the Directory does not run CCleaner.    I stopped using CC when this problem started hoping that the next release would fix the problem.  It didn't.  Again with the most recent version.

I have watched the task manger and it appears that it starts and immediately stops.

I am on Windows 7 home, 64bit  (no snickers, I have fewer issues than Win 10 users!).  McAfee AV - is up to date.   






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I Just DELETED all CCeaner from both PROGRAM FILE directories.  (don't know why the most recent was in the 32bit Progfile??)   intalled and ran again.. and as I reported,  It ran only after the Install.  BUT This time, I ran the Registry Analyze  and noted an anomaly  with CCLEANER's start directory!

Sure enough,  the ICON had "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner64.exe"  and that is where I find the 4 installed programs.   Shouldn't they be in their own directory?  CCLEANER ????



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When CCleaner runs once from the installer and then won't run again it is almost certainly the Antivirus that is stopping it running the second and subsequent times.
(It may even quarantine/remove the CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe).

We saw this a lot with v5.68, where some AV's took a while to update their definitions for the new version.

Plus - You say that your AV is up to date, but is it?

With 5.68 Trend Micro AV users checked and it said they were up to date - but it was TM 2019 that was up to date. As soon as they went to the Trend website and updated TM to the 2020 version then their problem with CCleaner not running more than once disappeared.

No snickers, (I know what it's like to have to run an old OS) but does your particular McAfee AV still fully support Windows 7?
From their Knowledge Centre it would seem that it may not do:



Windows 7

    McAfee provides only "best effort" support for McAfee products installed on Windows 7.



You may want to try disabling (or uninstalling) McAfee and seeing if CCleaner runs then.

More importantly you may want to change your AV to one that does still fully support Win7.

Software not working fully/properly on Win 7 will only be an increasing problem now that Win 7 is end-of-life and many softwares will cease supporting Win 7.


Why CCleaner.exe was in \Program Files and not a CClearer folder I can't say for sure, had you at sometime done a custom install?
But when you say you deleted the fies did you just delete them or did you uninstall them?
If you only deleted the files then there will be registry entries left over. (Which could explain why it's re-installing in Program Files rather than a CCleaner folder).

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Thanks for your help.   Win 7 may be end-of-life,  but I know too many Win 10 users telling me I should be glad I'm still on 7.

 After cleaning the registry of the reported errors,  The Install this time was good.  The ICON has all the correct values, and the CLEANER directory was created & filled in the correct place,"Program files (x86)" with it's files.

I can only guess that when one of the two prior versions installed, in the wrong PROGRAM FILES, (leaving the older version in (x86) that began a registry screw-up which persisted each time I added the newer version.   I don't think they'd be looking for multiple versions to clean out.     Could that had been at the heart of what they're blaming on an AV?



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Good to hear you got it sorted.

I think it's probable that at sometime in the past you (or someone else) has done a custom install of CCleaner and changed the install path to put it straight into Program Files without any CCleaner folder.
That 'redirect' would have been (correctly) noted in the registry and so any later installs would follow that redirect and be put there, and the desktop icon pointed to there.
Once you cleared that registry entry redirect the next install created the CCleaner folder as it should.

The problems with AV's not recognising new CCleaner versions are solely down to the AV's, it's been shown to be the case with more than one AV.
It's become more of an issue with lockdown and working from home, some AV companies are slower to update their definitions to recognise the new CCleaner version.
It was a bigger issue with v5.68 than it has been with v5.69, maybe they learned they were being a bit slow?
BTW it's not just an issue with CCleaner, we see it hapening with other softwares as well when they bring out new versions.

We see two problems with users checking within their AV and it telling them it is up to date,
Firstly all that meant was that it has the latest released definitions, and the AV company hasn't updated/released their definitions for the new CCleaner version yet.
Secondly when we told some of them that actually theirs wasn't the latest version of the AV, and that they should go to the AVs website to get the latest version, some didn't want to listen to us. Which is fair enough when their AV was telling them one thing but we were telling them the opposite. (But frustrating when you know that you are right).
As I said above we saw that quite a bit with Trend Micro 2019, once the user followed our advice and got the latest 2020 version from the Trend website all was fine for them again.

PS. Even Windows Defender has been having a False Positive moment the last couple of days and has been blocking some, but not all, installs of v5.69.
Microsoft are supposed to have updated that now.

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