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30 digit cookies

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Well, they are strings of numbers in Hexadecimal format - which doesn't help a lot though.
And yes you do see cookies like that, not everyone wants you to know what their cookies are or where they came from, that doesn't mean that they are malicious.

If they are always coming back then something that you visit regularly in your browser is putting them there.
Or it may be a 'Live Tile' on your start menu. (Or something else that connects to the web without opening a browser).

There is realy only one way to track down what it is that put then there, and that's step by step.

Close your browser and run CCleaner to clean them.
Wait a minute or two with the browser still closed and look at the 'Cookies' page to see if they have come back.
If they have then it's not your browser putting them there (unless you have your browser set to pre-load) - in which case my first suspect would be one or more Live Tiles on your start menu. (News, Weather, any tile like that that keeps updating itself).
Try turning them all off, run CCleaner to clear the cookies, then turn the tiles back on one by one, waiting/checking after each one if the cookies come back.

If they don't come back with the browser closed then:
Open your browser, if you have syncing set then disable syncing, close all open tabs, close your browser itself.
Run CCleaner to delete any cookies.
Open your browser again and then look in CCleaner to see if they are back.
If they have come back straight away then it's either your browser itself, your browser homepage, or possibly a browser extension.

If they haven't come back then load your regular pages one by one, again checking after loading each page whether the cookies have come back.

It all takes time, but with nothing apart from hex numbers to go on it's about the only way to track them down.


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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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