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Windows Defender reports CCleaner as "Potentially unwanted" [Fixed 2020-07-29]


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'How else would they make revenue on a free program keeping it free'

 I have suggested in the past that they consider the wikipedia model - On occasion [or even regularly] request a small donation.  Whatever the user can afford maybe $1 or maybe $5.  I have made small donations to wikipedia on several occasions because I use it frequently and it somewhat relieves my guilt for using the service regularly for free.  Probably averaged around $10/year, depending on my bank account.  I might suggest  something like "If you use this product regularly and cannot afford the professional edition consider making a small donation that you can afford, even a dollar helps us maintain the product."  place it on the download page.

I would guess that they make their big money on commercial users anyway, either small or large businesses.

PS: I agree with your advice on taking care when using the registry cleaner.  Example: If you uninstall a program and still see references to it in the registry it is probably safe to remove them.

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Added note regard register cleaning
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