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Sometimes iCloud work files are cleaned and sometimes they are not

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Sometimes iCloud work files are cleaned and sometimes they are not on my MacBook.  If CCleaner would enhance your software to stop the process that has these work files open so that they can be removed and then restart it, I would really appreciate it.  It appears that at times these files are in a cache and not open and so CCleaner cleans them and other times these files are not cleaned.  I suspect they are open and in use by some iCloud process.  I use iCloud on a very limited basis and do not use a lot of it's features like an iCloud drive.  I believe that this is a relatively new problem because this did not used to happen.  I use macOS 10.15.6 and recall that this problem started happening sometime in the past year.  I suspect that Apple operating systems programmers are using these iCloud cache files more than they did in the past and this is why these started showing up and then not being cleaned by CCleaner.  If your programmers could catch up to what the Apple programmers are doing, I'd appreciate it.  I like it when CCleaner cleans up everything on my MacBook.  I do not like this new development where sometimes it does not clean up these iCloud cache work files.  Thank you.

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CCleaner can clean the files on your device, but it can't clean anything that is on a cloud server like iCloud.

I'll say now that I'm not a Mac user so not familiar with iCloud.
Is it likely that CCleaner is cleaning the files on your machine and they are then being re-synced back from the cloud server?

If that is the case then you would need to use iCloud itself to delete the files from the server.
You may have an app that is already doing this automatically after a set time, which could explain why sometimes they are still there - until they are deleted and stop being synced back?
Maybe something like the app described here?


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