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I want to purchase the full CCleaner professional version license for two computers. BUT, before proceeding further, I MUST know what in the world THIS is what I'm supposed to do with it!   I recently ran Free Space Erase on a 64GB SD card.   I ended up with a 42.5GB file labeled "FREESPACEERASE".   I cannot open it or find out what it is.  I've emailed CCleaner twice,requesting assistance, and am being ignored.  

Does ANYONE out there know what this is?  What to do with it?  For reasons unknown, it's occupying 3/4 of my SD card space!

I was going to attach two screenshots to help explain what I'm ranting about, but the file size restraint won't allow for even ONE file to be attached!!

Thanks, CCleaner.  Very thoughtful.

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Was the power inturrupted, or the free space wipe stopped unexpectedly for any reason?

Can you simply delete the "FREESPACEERASE" file?

I'm not sure about a SD card, but we do ocassionally see a similar problem with hard drives if the free space wipe is stopped unexpectedly - and I don't think it would be any different with a card.

See this for more information of why this can happen:

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