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Custom Clean Purged Downloads

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Custom Clean purged my Downloads folder. 

Which setting controls that?


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CCleaner would/should not be cleaning your download folder. (Unless you had specifically made it an include).

There is no setting in CCleaner for it because it doesn't do it.

I would suspect that if you have not run another cleaner the it is Windows itself that has cleared the Downloads.
Disc Clean-up has a tickbox for the Downloads folder, but Storage Sense would be my bet.

When turned on Storage sense runs automatically either when needed or however many days you have set - and it will clear Downloads unless it is set to never do that.image.png

Here's a coincidence.
I've been fixing and updating a laptop today, taking it from Win10 1607 to 1909, and as I was looking through the drivers a notification popped up to tell me that Windows had kindly turned on Storage Sense for me. (Whether I wanted it on or not).

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