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How do you stop the annoying license renewal popup?


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The popup notification appears and stays there and covers parts of apps I am using and it is extremely annoying that it keeps on happening.

It's one thing if the popups started within a week or two of the license expiring, but my license expires in 3 months and I don't want to have to put up with this annoyance for 3 months!!!

How can this be stopped?  If it can't, then there should be an option for "don't remind me again."


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Solved:  I uninstalled CCleaner and switched to another app!!!!

As painstaking as it was re-creating my 390 custom wipe folders/files in the new app, in the end it was worth it to no longer have that annoying popup!

Congratulations, Piriform!  You lost a once-happy customer because of your annoying programming for license renewal notification!

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