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CCleaner deletes noscript settings FireFox (v5.68.7820)

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Since about two versions ago CCleaner (free version) has begun deleting my noscript trusted/not trusted rules.  The most recent time I only had three options for Firefox selected: Internet Cache, Internet History, and Cookies.  This has never been an issue before with ccleaner and I've lost literally a couple of years worth of accumulated noscript trust permissions due to this.  Running on Windows 10 64 bit.  Any other information required please ask, but I won't be using the program until this issue is corrected.

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- Try to find out where those rules are stored. (Firefox helpforum ???) Perhaps you  can copy them to another folder (as a backup ??) and copy them back to that one special folder (???) after running CCleaner.

- Go to the website FileHippo ( https://filehippo.com/ ) There you can download previous versions of CCleaner. One of those previous versions doesn't delete those rules. Install that version and make sure that you install each version of CCleaner in a different folder. Then compare the file "winapp2.ini" of that one version with the file "winapp2.ini" of the latest version. Are there any differences between the 2 files ?

- Report in this thread what you found. It will be helpful for other Firefox users as well.


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I guess the problem is the same as reported here:

The settings are stored in the file storage-sync.sqlite and CCleaner deletes the cache files.

You should exclude the following for your Firefox profile: *.sqlite-shm;*.sqlite-wal

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