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After 14 months of gaming, suddenly the PC stopped working.


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Ohh boy so here's the story. Over the past few months I barely had problems while gaming with my PC. However, recently the PC has been shutting down randomly.

To be more precise, the PC did not shut down but the monitor received no signal suddenly while I was browsing/gaming and the fans would start to spin very rapidly. While the mouse and the keyboard still lit up.

The only way to fix this was to turn the power off and back on again. Then it would take me to a screen where I could press ALT +L to run the last known good configuration before I would be directed to the BIOS. Closing the bios without changing anything would lead it to go back to normal. I Think this happened at least 10 times over the past 2 months.

5 days ago, the PC suddenly would not display anything at all on my monitor. The rgb lights. Case fans and gpu light turns on but the CPU fan and GPU fans do not spin. In addition I noticed that the white led EZ debug light on my MSI motherboard is on. One more weird thing is that the power button (circle) that used to light up once it was pressed now is not lighting up anymore. I have tried different displayport /hdmi cables (with and without gpu) , putting the cpu fan in a normal fan socket and clearing the CMOS. However the exact same problem persists.

Any suggestions what I can try next? Since this is my very first build I am thinking to just not mess around with it anymore and hire a guy that has more knowledge on this to come take a look.

Edit: forgot to mention something important maybe: This complete shutdown occured like 1.5 weeks after I enabled ultra low latency / low latency mode in the nvidia control panel.

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Probably the biggest things that you haven't mentioned in all that.

How old is this computer? You said you built it yourself but didn't say when.

Which operating system (Windows version) are you using?

To be honest it sounds as if  maybe your graphics chip has been overheating and has finaly failed.

I had that happen a few years ago with a laptop the graphics chip failed. As it was an old one still on XP I junked it and bought a new laptop. If yours isn't that old then maybe a repair (under warranty?) may be in order?

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My guess is like Nukecad's with it being a gaming rig would be the GPU since they don't last forever, however maybe it needs to be re-pasted if it's causing shutdowns - that is if it's actually the GPU but who really knows.

You might want to try a computer hardware gaming forum instead where they might be able to walk you through troubleshooting issues, and don't forget there's probably a myriad of YouTube videos and Google searches for particular issues where you can look at a video or pictures of what to attempt.

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