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I just ran ccleaner on my android phone and now all of my IOT devices are off (light controls, sockets etc). Is this a setting issue or do I have to manually reset everything?

If it's the latter then the product is useless to me and should include a warning, or an exclusion to prevent this

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I'm only guessing here, but I suspect that CCleaner has cleared your connections/logins to those devices.
Those are usually stored in cookies, and CCleaner will clear the cookies.

So you will have to connect/log into the IOT devices again.

I'm not sure if CCleaner Android allows you to set 'Cookies to Keep' like the PC version does?
If it does then you could tell it to keep any cookies associated with those IOT devices.

TBH I tried CCleaner for Android on my phone a few years back and decided that I didn't like it so uninstalled it.

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