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Analyse v Cleans


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I'm not sure whether this is much of a problem but it bugs me when I don't know why. CCleaner does this everytime on my PC.

Under 'custom clean' I click on analyze and it comes up with an approximate figure. I then click clean and the final figure cleaned is almost 4 x the analyzed figure. For example the last time I ran it it said analyze: 344mb and cleans 1.235mb. It doesn't happen on my laptop.

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It's a known issue, Health Check does similar as well.

The developers seem to be having trouble tracking down just what is causing it, or if they have found the cause then finding/implementing a cure.
Or maybe as it's a reporting rather than functional bug it's just not a high priority to investigate the cause and fix it?

I suspect that the majority of users never even notice it.

Interesting that you say it doesn't happen on your laptop, it does on mine.
That begs the question of what is different on your laptop to your PC?

(I have my own suspicions of a few things that may be causing it, but I'm just a user and not one of the devs).

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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One way to get the estimates out-of-whack is if something is configured to be cleaned twice. Such as something CCleaner cleans it by default, and then someone essentially duplicates the same thing in either Custom Files and Folders or winapp2.ini.

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