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Charlie R

Health Check error

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Each time I run the Health Check it states that I must update Skype. I've updated through CCleaner and on the Skype site but always repeats under security "1 apps to update". After close examination CCleaner shows an incorrect version # for Skype vice  # should be I believe this is the problem and can't think of any other reason?

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Thanks for that.

It's been noticed previously that the software updater, both in Health Check and when used seperately from the Tools menu, can sometines have issues with some software versions.

The numbers as you report are typical of that issue, it seems to be something internal to the way some softwares store the version number when installed on Windows.

After running the Health Check analyze stage you can click on the 'Security' box at the bottom and tell it to ignore the update.

Alternatively use Custom Clean instead of Health Check, custom does not run the Software Updater automatically. (You can run it separately under 'Tools' if you want to).
To set Custom Clean as the default method to use go to Options>Settings and change 'CCleaner Home Screen'.

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