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Move files to end of drive

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I was thinking this option where you click on the files to move files to the end of drive it would be good if you could set specific files types to automatically be moved to the end of the drive for example zip files and perhaps photo's and movie's, iso's, ect things you don't routinely open and use and aren't too important in terms of disk access in the first place and/or sequential read driven anyway.

There are ways to kind of sort and do it already up to a point manually by sorting by type, but it could a lot of manual selecting by file types. Having it built into the options itself would be really handy. I would speed up HDD performance for a lot of people by having options on how to sort by file types or at least for the common ones and having them automatically moved to the end of the disk on defrag. Anyway just thought I'd suggest it as a way to improve the program a bit further I mean I know spinning rust has it's negatives and might go away entirely eventually if flash storage costs decrease enough, but even now they are quite a bit more cost effective per GB though obviously performance on flash has improved dramatically meanwhile HDD's haven't seen much innovation on the performance side of things unfortunately. This kind of tweak would be more beneficial on the higher spinning and higher capacity drives because of the effects of short stroking on a HDD.

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