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New PC Maintenance/Anti-Malware pages coming!


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All of the PC Maintenance pages on my website are getting a huge update and overhaul. Basically they are becoming version 2.0.


Currently in the beta/RC stage, I am going to have a Hi-Fi and a Lo-Fi version for users to make the best use of.


PC Maintenance - Anti-Malware Professional Release Candidate 1.


Feedback on the layout is welcome. This is pretty much ready to be finalized and the rest of the pages (Lite, Standard and Full) get updated for a live test.

  • More information:
  • Screenshots are in *.png format. Png-8 to be exact; to allow images to load with decent quality and still have a fast pageload.
  • Page is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Page is Valid CSS
  • All recommended software is the best available freeware at the time of publishing.


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I really think you should include SuperAntiSpyware in your cleanup list.




Prob with friends pc.


Power outage and lost modem settings (found out hard way) so brung it home,downloaded and scanned with Ewido and Superantispyware.



Scan with Ewido4, 13 instances of Zango and 180 solutions were quaratined by Ewido.


Then scanned with SAS which picked up another 53 dregs of the same.


I really think SAS should be given a lot more credit than the well known ones. :)

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I just downloaded superantispyware(after reading about it a bit on spywarewarrior).


It seems to be ok. I don't have an infected computer to try it on at the moment though so I can't vouch that it will clean up much.

It didn't take too long to scan(fast scan took about 10min)


I should have a few pcs to clean up pretty soon and I'll try it on one of them. :)

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Because ZA is far, FAR too buggy and not very user friendly.


I tried SuperAntiSpyware and the interface seemed too cluttered. Program even had a tab to buy their other products which makes it seem a bit like adware to me.

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