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CCleaner Pro on my Inspiron PC running on Windows 7 has stopped working, and the logo on the shortcut is not correct. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and it gets part way thro, and says

Output folder: C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp
Can't write: C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp\ccsetup561_pro.exe

Depraggler, Speccy and Recuva which I instgalled with the CC Pro are still all up nd running.

David Ellis

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There is no need to post twice, your question will be seen but remember that this is a user forum so it may take a while for someone who has an answer to reply.

Usually 'Unable to Write' errors are because something in your existing CCleaner is working in the background.

Open the Task Manager and 'End Task' on anything CCleaner then try installing again.

If that doesn't fix it then try the other solutions/suggestions here:

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Sorry, we don't  give advice by PM, it should be in the main forum so everyone can see it and chip in if/when they know something relevant.

In your first post you said it was 'ccsetup561.exe' (the installer) that could not be written toC:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp .

That was strange to start with; nothing should be trying to write an exe file anywhere in "\AppData\", it's for data not for executables.

In the PM you sent me you say that you are seeing:


Error opening file for writing

That (different) file at that (different) path is more what I would expect to see with an install problem, and  as I said above that error is usually because CC is already running in the background and ending task for CCleaner in Task Manager sorts that one out.

That is saying that the CCleaner.exe file is already open - which is why it can't be overwritten by the new version. (or ccleaner.exe is locked which it shouldn't be).

Try uninstalling your current CCleaner then restarting your computer.
Then reinstall CCleaner.
If you reinstall the free version you can simply enter your Pro key again in About>Upgrade to Pro.

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Not to contradict or confuse what has been stated, however:
I thought with the Win7 OS that the Slim build was required due to possible installation failure that would happen with the normal installer(s). That's if I'm remembering correctly, there's way too much to remember and keep up with due to all the multiple failed install reasons happening (and they're not all for the same reasons). So perhaps the possible "safe" approach would be to use the Slim build to install. If that's the case (and I don't know if it actually is), it would have to be done every time a new version is released for an older OS like Win7.

The Slim build installer is located at:

You'd likely still need to exit any running in the background CCleaner processes using Task Manager and then install it. After install open CCleaner, you may or will need to input your license info to convert the free version into the Pro version if it doesn't automatically do it on its own.

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Hi all

Tks for your help with this.  As of last night I usccessfully got CC Pro reinstalled on my PC.  I removed avary last vestige and mention of CC from my pc, including the 5.68 install download, switched the pc off, re-downloaded install prog and succeeded .  Not sure how much of that was necessary, but I was v frustrated by that time.  Just glad to have it back working.

Once again, thankyou


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