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cloud free (not home and or pro) still available?

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hi fans,

is cloud free for max 3 pc still available?

how can i choose it - the download and its description is confusing!

i need a few explanations to make sure i keep my account before installing the newer ccleaner cloud agent


pic 1:

what means "dont limits number of installs"? <--- ofcourse unlimited for installs sometimes later (if i need a reinstall because some problems or so!)


pic 2:

i have the "free-version" for max. 3 home-pcs, currently only 2, i want only a new install-file to download/for updating my free-account - not to go to business or home pro!

-> what means "the installer will expire after..."? i want the installer in my downloads for later not for 1 week or so!


pic 3:

i have actually the version 1.11 installed and the cloud dont want update itself to 1.15.






What versions of CCleaner Cloud are available?

April 24, 2019 12:27

For Business users, you can get:

  • Remote central management (from any device)
  • 'Set and forget' with scheduled cleaning
  • Create custom groups and cleaning profiles
  • Add/remove software
  • Defrag (including SSDs using trim function)
  • See the exact components inside each endpoint
  • Repair Windows Registry issues, get alerts when disk space is low and much more

Available for home users:

  • Max 10 computers
  • Scheduled cleaning and defrag (with CCleaner and Defraggler)
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Unlimited events
  • Monthly or yearly billing
  • Designed for home pro users

Free and Pro subscriptions are for personal and home use and cannot be used within a Business.


is the pro-version = home-version?

means this the free version is simply there on my pc after installing the cloud-version manually or must i do anything to keep my free-account?

the free version is explicitly no longer mentioned!

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you can see there it is not clearly what version is available and what version means what version!

(especially the home/home pro/pro version)

in the description above there is called "home"; "home pro"; "pro" <--- is this one version? in the description below there called it "professional"

perhaps for one and the same version -> a bit confused and perverted

sorry but i need only the free-version for max. 3 home-pc´s.



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that's why i wish and want exact and unambiguous names so that I can decide exactly 🖖

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  • 2 weeks later...

i have tryed the latest installer v1.15.0.4045 downloaded manually and - nice - i still have the free-version for home use :-)

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