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CCleaner agent not linking

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I am trialing CCleaner Cloud. I have three Groups set up for 3 different locations. Attempting to install on a second PC one group and the agent isn't linking back. Screenshot is second PC for local download and install. Firewall is open and allows for connections/linking. Windows firewall is fully disabled.


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  • Admin

Hi @6Dawg,

Can you please complete some simple steps to help us diagnose this?

Set the Agent Logging level to Debug mode. 

  1. On the machine, right-click the CCleaner Cloud tray icon > Choose "Preferences" > "Debug" tab 
  2. Move the Logging Level slider to the far right. It will now say "Debug Mode". Press "OK"

Could you please then re-try to start the service.

Submit Diagnostic Report after around 24hrs / the next day: 

  1. In the 'Preferences' window, navigate to the 'Debug' tab 
  2. Look at the section that says 'Logging' and click "Submit" for Diagnostic Report 
  3. In the "Issue Description" box, please put "For Forum Support" and press "OK" to submit the report.

Please let me know if you have problems following the above steps.

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  • Moderators

There is not much I can do other than flag it up to the staff again.

The moderators here are simply users who have shown they are knowlegeable and trustworthy, so have been given extra priviledges to help keep the forum tidy and free from spam.

We are not employees of the company, simply volunteer helpers.

Have you contacted CCleaner Cloud support? support@ccleanercloud.com

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