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Defraggler shows HDD as SSD

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  • 2 months later...

Same with my system as well. Incorrectly detects my 2.5" Samsung 860 Pro as a HDD & the pair of Seagate HDD's in a RAID0 configuration as a SSD (gives warning when attempting a defrag due to possible issues arising from defragging a SSD). Exact same problem in the Pro version as well which when reported was not even attempted to be resolved just a refund back to my card & the serial number cancelled.

Speccy also has major problems detecting even the most common of issues such as only detecting my RTX2070 as a 4GB card instead of 8GB (which every other piece of software detects it correctly) & also shows my screen resolution as 1440p instead of the correct 2160p.


All versions are 64bit as well so no possible memory limitations.



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