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Can get a way for CCleaner to clear firefox cache if a user changes the location

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CCleaner never seems to clear firefox's cache if you change the location of the cache.  I dont see a way in CCleaner to point it to the new cache location.  I have to manually delete the cache, or clear it via firefox.


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CCleaner will only clean the standard locations for files, unless you tell it otherwise.
It will still clear the standard location(s) as well, unless you tell it not to.

To do either an 'Include' (or an' Exclude') like this then you have to use Custom Clean, - Health Check will only ever clean it's own list of locations and you can't change that list.

In Custom Clean go to Options>Inlcude>Add and add the path(s) or files that you want to clean.

For example this entry would clear any/all language files from CCleaner's language sub-directory everytime you run Custom Clean.
As well as whole directories the 'Add' gives options to Include individual files, and/or files with a particular extension.
Other Add options let you set files only or files and sub-directories, and only delete older files.

Exclude works in the same way for things that you want Custom Clean to ignore.

PS. Firefox has a number of cache files ususally in ..\appdata\local\{profile Id}\...
So tell Include to clean files and subdirectories of Cache2, or add each one individually as listed there.


EDIT - I forgot to add that you also have to tick 'Custom Fies and Folders' for your Includes to be cleaned.
See: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/using-ccleaner/including-files-and-folders-for-cleaning

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