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forums sort order confused?

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hi fans,

i noticed in our forum that the sort order going wrong sometimes... in this case - announcements

in topic announcements seems all fine but at the top -> there shows me an entry from april 29, 2020

only by me?





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It's something that has been happening on and off for a while now and the staff are aware of it.

I noticed one yesterday where a post from 2005 was showing in 'Unread Content' (even though the user had been banned in 2005).

It appears to be an underlying issue with the Invision software that the forum runs on, which means that only Invision can track it down and sort it out.

For some reason the announcements section and posts made by 'MrG' are particulary prone to it.
(Possibly because MrG is a robot and not a real person?)

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