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MOV files recovered but don't play

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I've used Recuva for the first time to recover some .MOV and .JPG files from an SD card that had an error. All files were in 'excellent' condition and were recovered. When I viewed them, all JPGs worked fine and one of the MOVs. In Windows 10 'Films & TV', the other MOVs came up with the error 'item is unplayable – please reacquire the content 0xc00d36e5'. How can I get these files working?

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That's quite a common error with video files, and can have a few causes.

Google the error code '0xc00d36e5' and you will find various articles about what can cause it and how you can (try to) fix it.
Many/most of the articles promote their own 'repair tool' as well as giving you manual instructions.
As I don't know any of these tools (or how good/bad they are) then I won't give a link to any particular one, personally I'd just use the manual methods described.

The easiest method is to try a different media player that has more codec's as standard. (Windows own players in particular tend to throw this error more often than others).

Try VCL media player, it's very popular, free, and can play virtually any type of media file.
Of course - Other media players are available.


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