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CCleaner v5.67.7763 (64-bit) Not Cleaning All Google Chrome Cookies

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If I run Custom Clean a number of times, one after another, the Advanced Report still shows:-

Google Chrome - Cookies     0KB     4 files

The log shows:-

Cleaning Complete - (5.382 secs)
0 bytes removed.

Advanced Report
Google Chrome - Cookies    0 KB    4 files    
Cookie: 02bf959d61da305d57a6d0101c668ddb.safeframe.googlesyndication.com    0 KB
Cookie: 0c8e970441a6e1b7c645ad110fb94c94.safeframe.googlesyndication.com    0 KB
Cookie: 0ee740e11f5a78009e3e4c5cf320a81f.safeframe.googlesyndication.com    0 KB
Cookie: 0pen.page    0 KB

Any Comments would be appreciated.


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Those look like empty cookies that Chrome is recreating again as soon as you/CCleaner  deletes them.

They probably have above 0KB the first time that you run CCleaner, after that they are empty until you use Chrome again.

I wouldn't worry too much about them.
See here for an explanation of why some cookies and other files always come back straight away after you have cleaned them:

Just how google is recreating those empty cookies if Chrome isn't actually running is another question.
Do you stay logged into your google account?
Any 'Live Tiles' on the start menu connected to google content? (Weather, news, etc.).
Any kind of google content pre-loading?

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Hi nukecad,

Thanks for your reply and the link, which I found very interesting.

I very rarely log in to my google account and I don't think I have any kind of google content pre-loading.

The tiles on my start menu that are 'Live' are:-
Microsoft Edge
WiFi Analyzer
Groove Music
Microsoft Store
OneNote for Windows 10
Microsoft News
Film & TV
HP Touchpoint Manager

Can I just transfer the 4 Google Chrome Cookies  listed to 'Cookies to Keep' in 'Options' > 'Cookies' or will this cause any problems?


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Yes you could transfer them to cookies to keep, or make them an exclude in Options>Exclude.

Either method will leave them alone and not display them when you analyze or clean with Custom Clean; but of course that means they are ignored and will not be cleaned.

Note that those options only work if you are using Custom Clean.
If you are using Health Check then it does it's own thing and doesn't follow your custom choices.

Which can be used to advantage - If you ocassionally want to clean your 'Cookies to Keep' or 'Excludes' then running Health Check will usually clear them.

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Hi nukecad,

Thanks for your help and assistance, will transfer them to cookies to keep to start and see how it goes.


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