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MOV files does not play after recovery

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Hello Support,

I was quite excited to purchase the Recuva to recover my corrupted SD Card. After the advance scan, it detected the files and attempted to recover the files (.MOV). However, after recovery it does not play :(

Attached one of the recovered file that does not play on either VLC or Windows media Player

Could you please help?



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Its actually a Bug
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This is the user forum not the official Piriform support.

A Recuva user may be along soon to give suggestions.

I don't use Recuva myself but the first thing I notice is that attachment only has a 12 second playing time, was the original file longer?

If you have the paid-for version of Recuva and want to contact the official Piriform support then the form is here:

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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As a general observation, however, Recuva undeletes deleted files but if the original file has already been well chewed from having been partially overwritten or the media corrupted or physically damaged then some additional tinkering may be required with various reader software to get what remains of the file to open.


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You could try re-saving the file with Avidemux (open source/GPL) without re-encoding/transcoding it to losslessly restore it -- but you're going to have to know the specifics of how the file was saved originally, i.e.; video codec, and audio codec, and what the file extension is.

Doing that would write a header in the video so that playback software and hardware would know what it is and how to play it but that's of course assuming the video file is actually recoverable and intact, it might not be.

Here's the link to Avidemux Portable, it doesn't install anything so if it doesn't work you can delete it without it leaving anything behind on your PC.

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Do you mean a deep scan? If so then only the first extent would be recovered, and that can't be fixed, or guessed.

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